Get the support you need to make your private practice dream into a reality

My Private Practice is a dedicated hub for the resources you need to create and develop a thriving therapy business. We offer a range of services to support you in all aspects of setting up and running a private practice including:

  • taking your very first steps into private practice
  • ensuring you have an ethical, professional and legal framework in place 
  • establishing business & marketing goals to keep you moving forward
  • support with achieving BACP accreditation status
  • ongoing clinical supervision for your new private clients 

With a range of 1:1 online sessions with an experienced private practice therapist, email support & feedback, e-books, training courses, masterclass workshops and networking opportunities there is something to suit wherever you are in your private practice journey.

Supporting BACP Members into Private Practice

My Private Practice can support you in every aspect of setting up your own practice. Based on a therapeutic coaching approach to offering support, you will receive the experienced, tailored advice and guidance you need to take you step-by-step through the set-up stages and onwards to developing a thriving business. 

Run by a qualified therapist who has years of clinical private practice experience to draw on, our bespoke support will help you overcome all the fears and obstacles which have been holding you back. 

My Private Practice is centred around the principles of British Association of Counselling Professionals.  If you are registered with UKCP or NCS  and would like support, please make contact to discuss how we can still help.

Why Choose Private Practice?

Nearly 30,000 members of BACP work at least partly in private practice and that figure is growing all the time. The pandemic has pushed our profession online and clients can now choose to work with anyone, nationally, from the comfort of their own homes. The market for private work has never been bigger and this growth trend is set to continue.

But it’s easy to be put off from taking the plunge into private practice. So many excellent therapists procrastinate and stall because of lack of information, poor advice and support, fears, doubts and a wall of self-confidence worries to get past. Don’t let yourself be held back. You are in the right place to get all the support you need.

There are so many reasons people choose to set up their own private practice: 

  • autonomy of working practice
  • flexible hours and lifestyle
  • earning a good income
  • lack of employed positions
  • fatigue with volunteering
  • wanting to be a business owner
  • downscaling work into retirement
  • wanting choice and control in their working life

Get the support you need to make your private practice dream into a reality

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Kat “Having coaching sessions with Alex really focused me whilst approaching my accreditation submission. Being encouraged to justify my thinking through her rigorous assessment ensured consistency across the whole submission and made the process interesting and engaging rather than a chore. Thank you Alex, you helped ‘me’ come through in my writing – and pass first time avoiding that dreaded re-submission process!”
Michele “I found Alex’s support invaluable with my accreditation submission.  I approached Alex once I had an initial draft, as I was struggling to know if I was ‘on the right path'.  Alex gave thorough feedback, giving recognition for what was good and giving guidance on areas that needed further work in a respectful manner.  We then worked together on making the necessary amendments ensuring all the criteria were met. After our work together, I felt reassured that I was submitting a piece of work that was to the best of my ability.” Michele Angela "I got in touch with Alex after my BACP accreditation was deferred. I felt stuck and dejected.  Alex was able to offer me a fresh perspective on my application and the deferred elements. She helped me identify what I needed to do to move forward to resubmit. I felt understood, supported and able to get past that fear of "not being good enough". Having an objective perspective, combined with Alex's experience and support was invaluable. I have since heard that I passed - phew!" Angela Caroline “I unfortunately experienced the dreaded resubmission. Alex helped me by providing clarity in addressing the issues raised by the BACP. Through this, I was able to clearly and concisely address the issues and was successfully accredited. Thank you so much, I really appreciated all your help.” Caroline Bev "Alex’s support to help me transition into private practice has been invaluable. Her knowledge is great, but what really helped is her common sense and clear sightedness. She helped to keep me realistic and focus, giving me the benefit of many years of her own experience. I found her to be responsive to my particular situation, tailoring her support to fit around my specific issues as I needed. With gentle yet clear guidance she has helped me to identify when I was off on a flight of fancy, or just lost in the process and get back on track. As a result, I had enquiries and new clients booked in within 2 weeks of registering on directories." Bev Sue "Alex is extremely passionate and knowledgeable in all matters of how to run a successful private practice. Her years of experience display this. She has been able to not only run her own private practice, but enable counsellors to achieve accreditation status with her mentoring. This support is invaluable and her passion to help others in this process is palpable. Working with Alex in peer supervision, I always feel held and supported by her as a fellow professional. Moreover, her deep insight into client work is incredibly useful. She is perceptive and also challenging, which is a great combination in supervision." Sue Mervat “Alex has been my supervisor for the last 4.5 years, I have an hour and half monthly supervision with Alex, according to BACP's requirements. She is very supporting, available and accessible. I feel safe in supervision which helps me to discuss my struggles, fears and seek advice. Our relationship is based on respect and acceptance, so Alex listens to me and guides me whenever needed. Our supervision continues to work well." Mervat Dippica “I met Alex at the very first BACP Private Practice Network Meeting in Birmingham and I have been a regular attendee over the years. I had just begun my private practice at this time and over the years I have found the network to be a great source of development for myself. Alex has been a good role model as she is an experienced private practitioner and she has created a group which caters to the newly qualified as well as experienced counsellors. Alex has fostered an environment where you feel safe and able to share any issues and concerns, ask questions and share information.” Dippica Kate “I have found Alex to be highly supportive of my work. She has given me invaluable guidance as a supervisor and helped me to build my confidence working with different client issues. She brings in up to date, helpful resources and invites me to explore my process in a detailed way which I appreciate” Kate Fianna “I always look forward to supervision with Alex. It helps me develop a greater depth of understanding of my clients’ issues as well as practical ideas of how to work with the most challenging cases. She runs her sessions in a safe and supporting way.” Fianna Marla “For the last three years it has been my pleasure and privilege to be part of a peer supervision group with Alex. During our supervision Alex brings her powerful intelligence, depth of therapeutic knowledge and vast experience to bear upon case discussions and she unfailingly and generously gives her support to each of us in the group. She has an established therapy practice and that is down to her work ethic and the fact that she has a justly earned reputation for delivering a consistent and caring service. There is much to recommend her and I have nothing but praise for her.”
Gianina “I would say Alex made the difference between sending my application and giving up. For the last couple of years I was struggling to complete the application and I gave up on multiple occasions. With Alex’s gentle guidance and support I managed to complete it and send it in and I have passed on the first submission. I have no words to express my gratitude to Alex and working with her was for me an empowering experience. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone that goes through this process. Accreditation is achievable with the right support in place, and Alex is the right person to hold your hand through this process that can feel daunting." Gianina