BACP Accreditation is a benchmark standard for qualified therapists and a milestone achievement in your career. Put aside your fears & procrastination and get the support you need to move smoothly from start to finish in the process.

BACP Accreditation Mentoring

Accreditation schemes aim to recognise the achievement of high standards of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy.” (BACP)

Going for accreditation is a hurdle which many therapists can put off for months or even years. You may be under pressure from your employer or be frustrated by the doors that are kept shut to you in private practice without it. But procrastination, fearful thinking and overwhelm even at the thought of starting it are all reasons you might keep delaying. Confusion around the transition scheme and the new SCoPEd competencies might even be holding you back. 

That’s all ok and it’s pretty common! It’s a big deal going for your accreditation but you’re not alone. Just like our clients come to us for support when they need it, so you may need some support to start the process and keep you going until you have achieved your goal.

Whatever your therapeutic approach, Accreditation Mentoring can help you:

  • Have 1:1 support from an experienced mentor, taking you step by step through the whole application process.
  • Acknowledge your personal obstacles and find ways to move past them, whether they are practical, mental or even emotional.
  • Overcome delays, doubts, confusion, peer fear and those horrible feelings of not knowing where to start or how to keep going.
  • Get asked the right questions to help tease out your knowledge and experience and start to shape your answers
  • Create a plan with SMART deadlines to keep you moving through from start to finish.
  • Have your own cheerleader offering motivation, reassurance and guidance throughout

The Process

You can access support for any part of your accreditation from initial planning, discussing first drafts, checking final drafts or working on re-submission after deferral.

  • Get clarification on The Admin Section Parts A – F including how to list your training, practice hours and current diary log.
  • Reflective Practice Criterion 1 Current Way of Working is where you describe what you do with your clients, how, when and why.  You give details of your theoretical model, the interventions you use and how you adapt these to different settings or clients. Criterion 1 is the foundation for the next question where you showcase your work with case material.
  • Reflective Practice Criterion 2 Case Material is where you bring your work to life, showing how you used your theoretical model and interventions to help your carefully chosen case material client. You are demonstrating that the way you work is effective, ethical and in line with the model you are trained to work in.

Book a free consultation to see how accreditation support can help you transform this process from daunting and fearful to straightforward and manageable. Job done!

NB – this service is only available for the BACP accreditation process. We are not working with other professional bodies at the moment, and are only offering support for the accreditation process, not the senior scheme.

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If you would like help with a deferral re-submission or with the new scheme please feel free to get in touch to see how we can help you get the result you want.

Packages and Fees

Please bear in mind that for all services, we are reading over 6000 words for your written submission, checking them against the BACP criteria and providing detailed feedback. The fees represent your investment in achieving accredited status which is a one-off benchmark process that will open doors and opportunities throughout the rest of your career.

Offering a combination of 1:1 online session, detailed email feedback and accountability check-ins until you get the job done, there is a service here to suit you wherever you are in the process. 

Start to Finish

If the whole process feels daunting and you don’t know where to start or need accountability to keep you on track to get this done, Start to Finish is the one for you. A 1hr zoom call (or 2 x ½ hour) to discuss every aspect of your application, detailed email feedback on all your written criteria and full support along the way. Includes a copy of the Complete BACP Application Guide e-book.

£350 paid in full at the start, or in instalments.

Fast Track

If you are tired of this hanging around, want to get it done, or are under pressure to complete quickly, the Fast Track programme is for you. Intensive support to be submission-ready in 2 weeks. With a 1hr zoom at the start of each week, detailed feedback on all your written criteria and full email support along the way. Includes a copy of the Complete BACP Application Guide e-book.

£500 paid in full at the start, or in instalments.


You may have been deferred under the old scheme which closed in October 2023, or under the new transition scheme. Either way, we can support you to make sense of the BACP deferral feedback, help you to work out what information you need and how best to structure it. 

£100 for email feedback on 1 or 2 criteria

£150 for more than one criterion, additional costs for zoom meeting. 

Complete Draft Read-Through Service

If you have completed your two written criteria and would like them read-through and checked. 

£150 for email feedback (one round), additional costs depending on how many revisions are needed.

£200 for 1/2hr zoom call with email feedback, additional costs depending on how many revisions are needed.

Bespoke Advice

Book a one-off zoom session for an in-depth discussion of any aspect of the process which is bothering you, including:

  • Defining your current theoretical model
  • Showing how you integrate your core training and CPD.
  • Demonstrating adaptations to different settings, presentations and client groups
  • How to manage your time and set goals
  • Overcoming mental obstacles and procrastination
  • Sense checking your ideas.
  • Working collaboratively with your supervisor

£100 per hour or £50 per half hour.

For further information or if you don’t see what you need listed in the packages below, please email

Please note:

All these services are only available for the BACP accreditation process. We are not working with other professional bodies at the moment, and are only offering support for the accreditation process, not the senior scheme. 

We have a very high success rate for helping therapists complete accreditation but there are always exceptions. The transition scheme is new so there may be teething problems within the assessment process. We will do everything we can to ensure you are successful first time around and can offer support if you are deferred on one or more criteria.

Ethics & Honesty

Our support service is fully in line with BACP guidance and their honesty policy. The accreditation submission is your work, written about your practice, in your own words. You will not be told what to write, given templates to work to or be offered any text to include. It is not in your best interests to accept any support which goes against the BACP guidance:

We ask that all your work in your application is your own unless you have fully acknowledged and referenced this. We take collusion and plagiarism very seriously and we monitor applications to ensure this does not happen. We know that colleagues and friends will work together on applications, and we do encourage this, however, sharing of work, copying or working to templates is outside both the spirit and the application of the Ethical Framework.” BACP Accreditation Application Guide

Our service is not endorsed by the BACP or any other organisation or group so the support you receive falls under mentoring where colleagues can work together. 

Alex Pledger passed her Accreditation and Senior Accreditation with BACP first time. She works as an integrative therapist in private practice, a clinical supervisor, coach and mentor. She has a degree in English Language and a high standard of academic and theoretical knowledge, as well as a wide range of skills to support you with confidence-based or emotional obstacles that may come up. Her role is to help you work out what you want to write about, and to express yourself clearly and concisely to meet the reflective criteria.

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