BACP Accreditation is a benchmark standard for qualified therapists and a milestone achievement in your career. Put aside delays, fears and stress and get the right help and support to navigate the process smoothly to success.

BACP Accreditation Mentoring

Accreditation schemes aim to recognise the achievement of high standards of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy.” (BACP)

Counsellor accreditation is a hurdle that many therapists fear and it becomes something that is put off and put off. You may be under pressure from your employer, or need to complete it for your NHS IAPT role, or be frustrated by the doors that are kept shut to you in private practice without it. As the reasons why you ‘should’ do it mount up, the reasons why you keep putting it off do too. 

Just like our clients, you may need some support to start the process and keep you going until you have achieved your goal.

Whatever your therapeutic approach, Accreditation Mentoring can help you:

  • Overcome the delays, doubts, confusion, peer fear and daunted feeling about starting the process 
  • Get clarity on what you want to write by being asked the right questions that help you think out your answers
  • Create SMART goals so you can manage each part of the process to your agreed timescale
  • Choose and plan your written material so it comes together as a consistent whole
  • Discuss feedback on what you have written, how it is written and if it successfully meets the criteria
  • Work with an experienced therapist to support you through the whole process, practically and emotionally
  • Sessions available nationally, material sent via email with 1:1 sessions via phone, Skype or Zoom

The Process

You can access support for any part of your accreditation application from initial planning, discussing first drafts, checking final drafts or working on re-submission after deferral. 

  • Get clarification on Criteria 1-4 including listing your training details and how to complete your diary log
  • Reflective Practice Criteria 6 Continuing Professional Development is a stand alone section about recent training
  • Reflective Practice Criteria 7  Self-Awareness focuses on your self-awareness in practice.
  • Reflective Practice Criteria 8 Knowledge and Understanding is about how you work with your clients, your theoretical model, the interventions you use and why/when you use them. Get Criteria 8 right and 9 will flow from there
  • Reflective Practice Criteria 9 Practice & Supervision is your chance to showcase your practice, how the way you work is effective with clients and how you uphold ethical and professional standards.

Book a free consultation to see how accreditation support can help you transform this process from daunting and fearful to straight-forward and manageable. Job done!

Note: this service is currently only available for the BACP accreditation process.

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If you’d like to discuss how accreditation mentoring could help you, your career and your business, please feel free to get in touch.


Ethics & Honesty

Our support service is fully in line with BACP guidance and their honesty policy. The accreditation submission is your work, written about your practice, in your own words. You will not be told what to write, given templates to work to or be offered any text to include. It is not in your best interests to accept any support which goes against the BACP guidance:

We ask that all your work in your application is your own unless you have fully acknowledged and referenced this. We take collusion and plagiarism very seriously and we monitor applications to ensure this does not happen. We know that colleagues and friends will work together on applications and we do encourage this, however, sharing of work, copying or working to templates is outside both the spirit and the application of the Ethical Framework.BACP Accreditation Application Guide

Our service is not endorsed by the BACP or any other organisation or group so the support you receive falls under mentoring where colleagues can work together. 

Alex Pledger passed her Accreditation and Senior Accreditation with BACP first time. She has a degree in English Language and a high standard of academic knowledge, as well as therapeutic skills to support you with confidence-based or emotional obstacles that may come up. Her role is to help you work out what you want to write about, and to express yourself clearly and concisely to meet the reflective criteria.

Packages and Fees

Offering a combination of 1:1 online sessions, detailed email feedback and accountability check-ins until you get the job done, there is a service here to suit you wherever you are in the process. For further information or if you don’t see what you need listed in the packages below, please email

Over the Finish Line

If you have completed your drafts and want to ensure they meet the criteria before submission, you can book a 1:1 session  or opt for detailed email feedback

£100 per hour

Prices accumulated based on time taken for reading, checking against the criteria and writing up feedback

Fast Track

If you are tired of putting this off and are under pressure to complete, clear the decks and get intensive support to complete in 2 weeks. Break it down into manageable chunks and complete each section to an agreed deadline

Full support with a combination of 1:1 sessions, detailed email feedback and accountability check-ins

Total cost £400

Start to Finish

If the whole process feels daunting and you don’t know where to start, get support from start to finish with a combination of a 1:1 planning session, email feedback on first drafts, follow up with face-to-face or email support as required.

Total cost £300


If you’ve suffered the dreaded deferral get specific support on how to answer the criteria you have missed to ensure your resubmission goes through

£100 per hour

Service Managers

If you are struggling to motivate your staff to start or finish their accreditation to timescale, have NHS IAPT requirements to meet, or have a high number of staff getting deferred, we can offer support to multiple therapists to bring your team up to accredited status.

Please note:

We have a very high success rate for helping therapists complete accreditation but there are always exceptions. If we support you in the process and you are deferred, we will continue to support you until you are successful.


Kat “Having coaching sessions with Alex really focused me whilst approaching my accreditation submission. Being encouraged to justify my thinking through her rigorous assessment ensured consistency across the whole submission and made the process interesting and engaging rather than a chore. Thank you Alex, you helped ‘me’ come through in my writing – and pass first time avoiding that dreaded re-submission process!”
Michele “I found Alex’s support invaluable with my accreditation submission.  I approached Alex once I had an initial draft, as I was struggling to know if I was ‘on the right path'.  Alex gave thorough feedback, giving recognition for what was good and giving guidance on areas that needed further work in a respectful manner.  We then worked together on making the necessary amendments ensuring all the criteria were met. After our work together, I felt reassured that I was submitting a piece of work that was to the best of my ability.” Michele Angela "I got in touch with Alex after my BACP accreditation was deferred. I felt stuck and dejected.  Alex was able to offer me a fresh perspective on my application and the deferred elements. She helped me identify what I needed to do to move forward to resubmit. I felt understood, supported and able to get past that fear of "not being good enough". Having an objective perspective, combined with Alex's experience and support was invaluable. I have since heard that I passed - phew!" Angela Caroline “I unfortunately experienced the dreaded resubmission. Alex helped me by providing clarity in addressing the issues raised by the BACP. Through this, I was able to clearly and concisely address the issues and was successfully accredited. Thank you so much, I really appreciated all your help.” Caroline Gianina “I would say Alex made the difference between sending my application and giving up. For the last couple of years I was struggling to complete the application and I gave up on multiple occasions. With Alex’s gentle guidance and support I managed to complete it and send it in and I have passed on the first submission. I have no words to express my gratitude to Alex and working with her was for me an empowering experience. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone that goes through this process. Accreditation is achievable with the right support in place, and Alex is the right person to hold your hand through this process that can feel daunting. ”