Complete BACP Application Guide


A complete guide taking you step by step through the whole application form. Each section of the form is covered, starting with the Admin Sections (A-F) and then looking at each of the Reflective Criteria in detail (F).  Included is a section on Breaking It Down to help you plan out your time and set goals and finally Top Tips & Checklist to get you over the finish line and ready for submission.

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Have you been putting off your BACP accreditation for months or even years? Feel daunted and overwhelmed, been scared off by stories of deferral and fear of ‘failure’? Or maybe you are looking at it for the first time and have no idea where to start?

Tackling your accreditation process is a benchmark point in your career but it can be hard to know the best way to approach it. 

This 80-page complete guide, packed full of top tips and examples, will take you through every stage of the process, breaking it down into manageable pieces, answering all your niggling questions and giving you the confidence and reassurance to know that you are on the right track for a solid submission.

The guide is split into sections:

Breaking It Down helps you to plan how and when you are going to complete each section, working steadily towards your agreed end point

The Admin Sections takes you through Criteria A-F so you know what information to include and how to gather and present it 

Criteria 6 – 9 Detailed guidance on each of the Reflective Criteria, breaking them down into their separate questions, and helping you to think about what you want to include in your answers

Top Tips & Checklist dots the ‘i’s and crosses the ‘t’s so you are ready for final submission 

The guide is written in an accessible format, looking at each stage and criteria separately and in-depth, using easy to follow language so that you feel confident that you understand the process and can work your way through the form from start to finish.

This is for guidance only and, in line with BACP policy, is not a template for writing your own submission. 


“Beautifully designed and written to be 100% helpful, it really helps bring focus to what is required to answer a criteria section, often encouraging simplification rather than a more-is-more approach.” Julia

“Really great resource. Really concise and so useful. I particularly loved the SMART tool, and the great examples in all of the sections, they are so helpful.” Sue

“Superbly helpful, thorough & encouraging” Jackie


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