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Criteria A-F are the history of your journey to the accreditation. This mini-guide takes you through each of the criteria with guidance on the information you need to include.



Criteria A – F in the BACP Accreditation can be confusing and fiddly to complete. It is the history of how you have come to be ready to apply for accreditation and all the training and practice hours you have completed to get here.

Although your form will not be deferred if you complete this incorrectly, the BACP will need to contact you for confirmation which adds time to getting your final answer. Better to make sure you understand exactly how to complete each section and get it right the first time.

In this guide, we break down each of Criteria A – F and go through what the question requires and how you can apply that to your own history. 

Criteria A – Personal Information

Criteria B – Current Practice

Criteria C or D – Training HIstory

Criteria E – Practice Hours

Criteria F – Supervision 

Don’t be put off by the detail. Use this guide to help you whistle through this section so you can focus your time on writing your Reflective Criteria.

This is for guidance only and, in line with BACP policy, is not a template for writing your own submission.


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