Top Tips & Checklist for BACP Accreditation


This mini-guide offers top tips to motivate and encourage you to get the job done, as well as a final checklist to make sure you have dotted all the ‘i’s and crossed all the ‘t’s.



In this short FREE guide, we share a few top tips on how to approach the accreditation process. We look at how to break the form down into manageable chunks, plan your time and set yourself goals, make sure you are answering the questions and avoid some of the common pitfalls and mistakes so you can write your best application. If you are getting ready to start the process, mid-way or nearing the end, there will be a Top Tip in here that will help you feel reassured and motivated.

Our Checklist guide is for when you have nearly done all the hard work. You have had to dig deep to get it done and this guide will make sure you have dotted all the ‘i’s and crossed all the ‘t’s.. We look at the Admin Sections, Reflective Criteria and prepare for submission day so you feel calm and confident that you are ready to send it in.

This is for guidance only and, in line with BACP policy, is not a template for writing your own submission.


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