The single greatest benefit of working in private practice is the flexibility of being your own boss. With some hard work & determination, you have the power to create a personal & professional lifestyle that meets your needs on every level.

Private Practice Mentoring

Private practice is the fastest growing area in the therapy profession. More and more therapists, experienced and newly qualified, are deciding to set up in practice & go it alone… but it can be a daunting prospect. You can be a competent as a therapist and keen to start seeing private clients, but creating an ethical and professional practice requires different skills.

Business mentoring can help you to design and develop a practice that works for you, tailored to meet your personal and professional ambitions and supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Alex Pledger has been in private practice since 2005. She has a wealth of knowledge about self-employment for therapists – on both a practical business level and as a personal career choice.  Her therapeutic coaching approach will help you stay accountable to your tasks and goals whilst supporting you past any confidence or emotional obstacles that may come up.

Private practice mentoring can help you:

  • Explore the options & decisions you need to take the first step, or to move your existing business forward
  • Create a working formula & action plan for making your practice viable & sustainable
  • Get clear on the professional, ethical, legal & financial frameworking for your practice
  • Target where to find your ideal client group & explore EAPs, agencies, networking & cross-referring routes
  • Support & motivate you to move past all the doubts & fears that can hold you back

The Process

Access support for any part of your journey into private practice through a combination of online sessions, email feedback, checklists, resource sign-posting and 1:1 tailored support to help with your specific situation and needs. Go at your own pace and set deadlines that fit with your personal and professional commitments.

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We can help with all areas of creating your private practice, from working out the small stuff to making the big decisions:

diary management * choosing where to work * fee structuring * building your income *portfolio working * finding your niche * transitioning from an employee into full-time private work * developing your network * cross referring * adding more strings to your bow

Setting up your own private practice is the single biggest decision you can make in your career as a therapist, taking you from unpaid or employed work, to creating your dream working lifestyle with an income to match. It’s worth getting the right support because taking this step can change everything, forever!

If you don’t see what you are looking for below, please email to discuss your specific needs.

Start to Finish

There are specific things you need to get in place before you can take your first private client. Be supported through a checklist of set-up tasks including clinical, legal, financial and marketing.

Combined 1:1 sessions with all the email support you need in between and full access to set-up resource templates. Go at your own pace but with the accountability and support to keep on track.


Moving Forward

All set up but not getting the client numbers you want or making the income you need? Get tailored support to review your marketing and business goals to take you to the next level.

1:1 session plus a follow-up review £200

Marketing Masterclass

Getting your directory profiles right and/or building a web presence that attracts the client group you want is key to a successful practice. With guided support you can get the marketing know-how for your private practice.

1:1 session plus a follow-up review £200


Bev "Alex’s support to help me transition into private practice has been invaluable. Her knowledge is great, but what really helped is her common sense and clear sightedness. She helped to keep me realistic and focus, giving me the benefit of many years of her own experience. I found her to be responsive to my particular situation, tailoring her support to fit around my specific issues as I needed. With gentle yet clear guidance she has helped me to identify when I was off on a flight of fancy, or just lost in the process and get back on track. As a result, I had enquiries and new clients booked in within 2 weeks of registering on directories." Bev Sue "Alex is extremely passionate and knowledgeable in all matters of how to run a successful private practice. Her years of experience display this. She has been able to not only run her own private practice, but enable counsellors to achieve accreditation status with her mentoring. This support is invaluable and her passion to help others in this process is palpable. Working with Alex in peer supervision, I always feel held and supported by her as a fellow professional. Moreover, her deep insight into client work is incredibly useful. She is perceptive and also challenging, which is a great combination in supervision." Sue Dippica “I met Alex at the very first BACP Private Practice Network Meeting in Birmingham and I have been a regular attendee over the years. I had just begun my private practice at this time and over the years I have found the network to be a great source of development for myself. Alex has been a good role model as she is an experienced private practitioner and she has created a group which caters to the newly qualified as well as experienced counsellors. Alex has fostered an environment where you feel safe and able to share any issues and concerns, ask questions and share information.” Dippica