Complete Guide for BACP Accreditation


Just as the title says, this is a complete guide to the BACP accreditation process, comprising all our other ebooks put together. It takes you through every stage, from getting your mindset right, preparing and planning, gathering your information for the Admin Sections Parts A – F and then, at the heart of the application, Part G Reflective Criterion 1 & 2. At less than the price of a supervision session, this guide is a must-have if you want to make going for your accreditation as simple and stress-free as possible!


Our previous Complete Guide to Accreditation was a huge success in supporting people with applications under the old BACP scheme. Feedback told us it was easy-to-read, de-mystified the process and was written in a way that is both informative  and motivating. This new version is completely updated, re-vamped, and includes references to the new SCoPEd framework (the whole reason the scheme has been changed!).

We start by looking at how best to use the guide and then jump in to each section in turn:

  • Planning Your Application
  • The Admin Sections Part A – F
  • Criterion 1
  • Criterion 2

We cover everything from making sure you start with the right mindset, prepare and plan for the task ahead, understand the overview of each section, and then go into each one in detail, exploring the question and possible ways to answer them. We give suggestions and ideas on how you can think about writing your own unique answer and, running throughout the guide, we give concrete examples to show you what sample answers to these questions might look like.

If you want to take the confusion and stress out of the whole application process, this comprehensive, no nonsense guide will be your at home mentor and motivator!


This is for guidance only and in line with BACP policy. It is not a template for writing your own submission.

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