Admin Sections Part A – F


The Admin Sections Parts A – F are fiddly and need to be completed with the right information in a particular format. It’s easy to get confused by the guidance, or thrown by the online form and how it is asking you to enter your information. In this short guide, we go through each section and give easy guidance on how best to approach them.


The online application form asks you to enter significant information about yourself, your training and your career history to date. You can’t be deferred on these sections as the BACP will write to you for clarification if they are missing information. But it helps to get it right the first time by understanding the questions and how you need to present your data.

In this guide we go through each of the admin sections, Parts A to F and give easy-to-understand guidance on how best to prepare your information and enter it on the form. We also look at how to plan for the task of gathering this information and making sure you have everything you need before you start. 

We cover:

  • Part A – Personal Details
  • Part B – Current Practice Overview
  • Part C & D – Training Requirements
  • Part E – Practice Hours
  • Part F – Supervision

By the time you’ve gathered all the correct information and understood how you need to submit it on the form, you’ve only got Section G to complete (yes, that’s the Reflective Criteria but you will have completed five major sections by then!).


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