Combined Criterion 8 & 9



Criteria 8 & 9 need to match up exactly. In Criterion 8 you write about what you do in theory and in Criterion 9 you illustrate what that looks like in practice, using client material. This 30-page guide takes you through each of the criterion in detail and shows you how to match up your answers with accuracy and consistency.


Criteria 8 and 9 are the heart of the BACP accreditation process. They ask a total of nine questions that explore your Knowledge and Understanding (8) and your Practice and Use of Supervision (9). These are by far the most daunting parts of the form and the ones where people can falter, be put off, or be deferred.

They are inextricably linked so if you are deferred on 8.1 you will automatically be deferred on 9.1. In 8 you are describing what your practice is like in theory and in 9 you show it in action, using case material to illustrate your answers. 

As well as describing your rationale and way of working, you will also explore your use of self-awareness in your work, awareness of issues of difference and equality and your understanding and use of the Ethical Framework laid out by the BACP. 

In this extensive guide we go through each Criteria and each question within the criteria in turn, covering all nine parts. Every section is broken down to help you understand what the question is asking for and how to think about your best way of answering it. We will look at choosing the most suitable case material to showcase your practice and ensure you are covering all the bases in the information you provide.

With easy to understand explanations, including examples, this guide will help you break down these two important Criteria into manageable sections so you can put aside the worrying and set about writing your best answer.

This is for guidance only and, in line with BACP policy, is not a template for writing your own submission.


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