Criterion 1 – BACP Accreditation Guide


Criterion 1 is 2,500 words on your Current Way of Working. It is made up of five different questions and is the foundation for anything you go on to write in Criterion 2. It can feel daunting to understand what the questions mean and to think about answering them in a focused and succinct way. In this guide we de-mystify Criterion 1 and take you step by step through each of the questions in turn.


Criterion 1 Current Way of Working (2,500 words) is the starting point for writing about your practice. In the five different questions you are asked to show how you have consolidated your training into a cohesive way of working with clients and how this sits within your understanding of a theoretical, ethical and adaptive framework. Sounds tricky? It doesn’t need to be and in this guide we go through each question in detail looking at what it is asking for and possible ways you can think about answering it. 

Question 1.i – theories & approaches you bring together from your training

Question 1.ii – types of interventions you use

Question 1.iii – your use of self awareness

Question 1.iv – the impact of difference and equality in your work

Question 1.v – how you adapt your practice to different situations

For each section we explore the meaning of the question and give ideas on how you can think about writing your own unique answer. Running throughout the guide we give concrete examples to show you what sample answers to these questions might look like.

If you’re struggling to understand what Criterion 1 is all about, this 20 page guide will help to simplify and clarify each section step by step.

This is for guidance only and in line with BACP policy. It is not a template for writing your own submission.

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