How To Write A Therapy Website


Private practice is the fastest growing area in our profession as more and more therapists turn to self-employment to work in the way they want with the clients they want. With the right support and guidance, it can be a planned and easy transition but one area where we struggle in our profession is with marketing. In this guide we will be busting some of these myths about marketing and focusing on creating a website for your practice which is full of relevant, informative, and interesting content.


With so many therapists now moving into private practice, our new series of e-books aim to provide guidance based on years of experience working within the private practice sector. If you are thinking of starting your own practice, you’re probably feeling a mixture of excited and a bit fearful and are thinking things through to create the best plan. With the right vision, planning and support you can create and grow the practice you want.

We all know the feeling of visiting a website and not really knowing what it’s about, the services or prices. What do you? Click off and go to find one that does show what you want. In this guide we are running through some of the best ways to create a web presence which means you will attract the clients you want, and they will click through not off!

In this guide we will be looking into:

  • The mindset behind writing about yourself
  • Writing to reflect who you are and attract your ideal new client
  • Working out your message, your personal brand
  • Delivering information to give your client an informed autonomous choice about what you offer

Your website is one of the best ways to show potential clients who you are, so it makes sense to spend some time creating design ideas and quality content. With exercises to help you work out your own message, examples and suggestions, this guide gives you a framework for writing a therapy website that will reflect you and the work you want to do with new clients.


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